Thursday, October 20, 2016

Crafting Inspirations - Post #2

Just some of the things that inspired me at The Vintage Industry in Eugene, OR.  You can see more of those pictures HERE.
 Don't ask why I was so fascinated with these mushrooms (I've got more pictures to come).  Maybe because our friend is looking for wood crafts to sell and this made me think of him.
 I love this blue with a hint of the old red underneath! 

 I NEED at least one of these potting benches around, don't you?
 A twist on the test tubes - a mop hang up was used to hang the tube this time!
 Why not use old kitchen tools for a floral display?
 Always love me a linen pillow.
 Banners and Pennants always have a special place in my heart!
 There was nothing really special about this little table, except that knob sure makes a huge impact!
 I spotted one of these on Amy Roloff's front door one day on the "Little People, Big World" episode.  I even backed up and had to watch it again to really get a glimpse of this!  Then, here they were - not too far from where the Roloff Farm is located!
This candy corn string, I want to make in the worst way!  Probably won't make it for this fall, BUT someday...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mint Chocolate? Yes Please!

 Well, you don't have to ask me twice!  It might be right up there with Spice for me!!!  One of the things I love about losing weight with healthy meal replacement shakes is that this company literally shakes it up in flavors.  Each season, there's a new one added for a limited time!

If that's not enough reason to join me in losing weight without exercise, then check out the breakdown!  It's not a comparison for me -  I actually crave the Complete meal on the right myself AND can make it in the comfort of my own home!  Love that!  Which do you choose?

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Egg Surplus = Frozen Meals

My chickens have been laying a ton of eggs lately.  We raised 11 new chicks this spring to add to our hens and they've begun to lay.  In addition to that, we gained 9 new to us hens, because someone realized they aren't farmers after getting them.  Added to our 28 hens already we have an Egg Surplus!
I've tried to find a few more customers for eggs, but right now, I'm just not finding them.  So, I've been coming up with creative ways to save them for the future.  The first thing I made were breakfast sandwiches for the freezer. 
For this recipe, you will need:
  • eggs
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • butter
  • sliced cheese
  • deli ham
  • English muffins and/or bagels
  • saran wrap

First, spread butter on the inside of each muffin or bagel.  I think you could leave this out, but I wanted them to taste really good.  Sprayed muffin tins with butter spray and cracked an egg in each tin.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.  Bake the eggs at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.  Let cool on a cooling rack.
 Stack sliced cheese, deli ham and an egg on each sandwich.  For the bagels, I put a slice of ham on each side of the bagel to keep the rest from falling through the bagel hole.

Wrap each sandwich in plastic wrap if you are planning on using a microwave to eat it.  You could wrap them in foil if you plan to bake them in the oven.

I put the sandwiches into the bags from the bread and ziplock bags to store in the freezer.

To eat: cook in the microwave for 2 minutes on high.  This is such and easy way to have breakfast ready to go in two minutes!  Our family enjoys them for lunch or dinner, too!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Crafting Inspirations - Post #1

Last weekend, I visited my daughter at college in Eugene, Oregon for my birthday. Her college roommate knew the owner of a Shabby Chic store that she thought we would enjoy.  Well, I went pretty crazy with the pictures!  I feel so inspired by all that I saw, that of course, my craft closet is going to get back into the swing of things!
 For whatever reason, I have hung up my crafting cap lately, but there's nothing like a visit to a wonderful shop to inspire you!  I will be having multiple posts to share just some of the things that inspired me.  If you are in the Eugene/Springfield, Oregon area, I highly recommend a visit with a very large wallet, because it was so much fun!
 My favorite season is fall, and my favorite thing in fall are the pumpkins!  So I will begin with all of the pumpkins I found that I love!  Of course, what really surprised me was that all of the shabby chic pumpkins that I've been making for years, are still in style!  Can't wait to get some more made!
 Nothing like a little Vintage Chenille pumpkins!  Love! Love!
 These little cuties are crocheted, I think.  Definitely something that I'm not talented enough to make, but I sure do appreciate the work that goes into them!
 Wonderful velvet!
 I totally love a little sweater upcycle! 
 Every pumpkin collector needs a stacked, squatty one for their patch. 
As you can see, I found a ton of little fall treasures in the pumpkins at The Vintage Industry!  I could've spent days there browsing and taking pictures.  Stay tuned for more posts with more of the goodies I found.   

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

College Happy Mail

With two kids in college, both away for the first time this year, I've been trying to send them Happy Mail on occasion.  This is one of the first ones I sent.  I always comb thru all the boxed candies at the Dollar Tree for idea of candy to mail out to them.  I wanted to send chocolate, but with the warm weather in and out, I didn't want to mail chocolate that would melt so thought that Cow Tales would work.

I literally, put the address label on the back of the box, the message sticker on the front and then popped it into the mail. As long as it weighs less than 13 ounces, you can mail it General postage.

 My message said: "A little reminder of your routes: The Cow/Dairy State!" We have only lived in Idaho for five years, but before that, we were always in Wisconsin.  I thought this was fun. 

If you wanted to send this for your customers in Direct Sales, you could say: "I'm not telling a TALE, you're and awesome hostess! Thank you!"

I personally don't care for Cow Tales very much, but both of my kids that received them, raved about them!! Plus it's so fun to get this in the mail!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Packers take the Positive Path!

On a better note for the NFL, the Packers made a $200,000 donation to the Green Bay Police Department! 

While all the negativity around the knee taking in the NFL, I love to hear a good, heartwarming story of the NFL giving back in a positive way.  And of course, it's great to hear that it's my beloved Packers!  Please check out the article about their donation HERE.  I would love to see the players, personally filling up the Police Departments side of donations so the department can get these matching funds!

Of course, if you haven't read my first article about this, here's the article on Taking the Knee to the NFL. Now will the rest of the NFL league follow suit and do something positive in our country?

Monday, September 12, 2016

Take a knee to the NFL!

Try as I might, I just can't keep my mouth shut about the NFL players that are taking a knee during the National Anthem before games.  On one hand I definitely don't agree with what they are kneeling for at all, but I'm not going to rant about that one in this post.  That flag that they are disrespecting, has given them the freedom to have their opinion and express that opinion.  Here's where I rant:

Source for photo and list of players

Players are expressing their own personal opinions on the job!!!  Yes that's right, they are in the employ of their NFL team.  Now I have lots of opinions, that I would love to share with people all the time, but sometimes, it's not appropriate. 

I worked as a Music Therapist in a nursing home where people were dying. There were so many times where I would be called to their bedsides to play music for them to sooth and calm them.  I personally, would have rather prayed with them or played hymns in their dying moments, but I couldn't.  So many times, I would have loved to share what Christ can do for them, and lead them to a personal relationship with Christ in their final moments, but that wasn't my job! That was my belief and opinion, and wasn't allowed to share that on company time.

When you are representing an employer, you have to represent them in a manner, becoming of the company.  In this case, those players, although they have an opinion about our country, are representing their team, the club, the NFL and our nation, and should be setting an example, becoming of an athlete.  If they show boat, or show unsportsmanlike behavior on the field, they are fined or even removed from the game.  This should also stand true of their own private, personal agendas!

In the next few weeks, I actually hope that the NFL and different team owners will take note and penalize these players who choose to show disrespect to others and our nation on the field!  How shameful that this is what is representing our country, and not the heroes that gave their lives to give us the freedom to have our own opinions.  I hope that sponsors, continue to drop their money to these players!  I hope that the fans will put their money where their mouths are, too.  Don't go to the games!  Don't buy merchandise!  Speak up to your teams and give them your opinions through your wallet!  Let's all take a knee to these players that are making the entire game look bad!!

Here's a list of the players that I know of so far that have kneeled and you should be "kneeling" for in your wallet:
  • Colin Kaepernick - 49ers
  • Brandon Marshall - Broncos
  • Marcas Peters - Chiefs
  • Arian Foster - Dolphins -  raised his arm
  • The entire Seahawks team - locked arms in protest
  • Martellus Bennett - Patriots
  • Devin McCourty - Patriots

On a side note, I LOVE football!  I LOVE the game!  I have two sons that play, one on the college level, so this isn't a bash on football.  It's actually a plea for the NFL to clean up their acts and make this horrible image right!