Saturday, December 3, 2016

Top 5 Gifts for the Piano Student

As a piano teacher, I thought I'd put out there some of my top recommendations for great, yet practical and fun gifts for the piano student this holiday season! 

 1.  Piano

Maybe you weren't totally sold on your child playing piano, or maybe you got an instrument to get you thru the interim, until you find or can afford that better instrument, but what student wouldn't be ecstatic about receiving a better one for Christmas (or consider buying it for your family)?
Here's a great article that will get you started in  making the right decision: The Ins and Outs of Buying a Piano. 
If you're wanting to order a digital piano, here are two recommendations:

Be sure that you have a stand, pedal, and bench for use with the digital piano.

2.  Metronome

I love this one

    But this one is great too!

3.  New Music

Ok, so this one takes a little research.  Ask your piano teacher for suggestions on something that would be fun to get your student.  Or, you can get them a gift certificate for their favorite music publishing company.  I personally use mostly Piano Pronto music in my studio, so my students would love a gift certificate to pick out some of the sheet music! 

4.  Music Bag
Piano Students need a good bag to carry their piano books to and from lessons. This Cinch Sac is a favorite of mine!  You can personalize however you'd like for as little as $30! 

5. Music Drills or Practice App

Let's face it, kids love to play video games, why not have them playing educational ones?  Here's a couple of my favorite apps (check your App Store - most are for only Ipad):
Please, note that many of my links are affliliate links and I will get a small commission if you purchase from the link.  Thank you for your support!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Clean Glazed Stoneware

I have these stoneware pans that have the beautiful ceramic on the outside.  For years, I have only used them for family, because they look dirty and disgusting on the outside.  I understand that the stones are supposed to get seasoned on the inside, but I just can't see the point in glazing the outside of them, when this is the result!
 I decided to give my Cleaning Paste and my Spirisponge a try on it to get the cooked on gunk off.  This worked so nicely, that it felt like I was just wiping it off!  I love the results.  It's like I have brand new pans! I now won't be so embarrassed to take this beautiful glazed stoneware to a potluck!
Any purchases from the links above, do assist and bless our family of 7!  Thank you for checking it out!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Support Small Businesses!

Do you support small business people during the holidays?  Well, what better way to support families directly than to buy from a direct sales consultant.  I've recently started to my own journey, getting rid of chemicals in my home AND helping my family financially by becoming an Independent Norwex Consultant.  Please consider supporting my family this Christmas by purchasing from my website! Thanks in advance.  Here's a limited time special that you'll want to take advantage of!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Window Cleaning Power

This blog is really about all the Scraps of my life.  They may seem pretty chaotic at times, but let's face it, so is my life!

Recently, I was on a search for cleaning products for a cleaning job that not only work, but use little to no chemicals. Well, I've known about Norwex for a very long time, but didn't really pay attention when all of my friends were using it years ago. Then, when I was trying to get the streaks out of the windows I clean every week, I decided to investigate.

I couldn't believe that an Envirocloth and a Window Cloth could clean butter off the window, so I had to try it myself! 

Please feel free to support this one scrap of my life.  I'm a new Independent Norwex Consultant because I love all the results I'm getting  with their products!  Try them - they have a 2 year guarantee!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Crafting Inspirations - Post #2

Just some of the things that inspired me at The Vintage Industry in Eugene, OR.  You can see more of those pictures HERE.
 Don't ask why I was so fascinated with these mushrooms (I've got more pictures to come).  Maybe because our friend is looking for wood crafts to sell and this made me think of him.
 I love this blue with a hint of the old red underneath! 

 I NEED at least one of these potting benches around, don't you?
 A twist on the test tubes - a mop hang up was used to hang the tube this time!
 Why not use old kitchen tools for a floral display?
 Always love me a linen pillow.
 Banners and Pennants always have a special place in my heart!
 There was nothing really special about this little table, except that knob sure makes a huge impact!
 I spotted one of these on Amy Roloff's front door one day on the "Little People, Big World" episode.  I even backed up and had to watch it again to really get a glimpse of this!  Then, here they were - not too far from where the Roloff Farm is located!
This candy corn string, I want to make in the worst way!  Probably won't make it for this fall, BUT someday...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mint Chocolate? Yes Please!

 Well, you don't have to ask me twice!  It might be right up there with Spice for me!!!  One of the things I love about losing weight with healthy meal replacement shakes is that this company literally shakes it up in flavors.  Each season, there's a new one added for a limited time!

If that's not enough reason to join me in losing weight without exercise, then check out the breakdown!  It's not a comparison for me -  I actually crave the Complete meal on the right myself AND can make it in the comfort of my own home!  Love that!  Which do you choose?

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Egg Surplus = Frozen Meals

My chickens have been laying a ton of eggs lately.  We raised 11 new chicks this spring to add to our hens and they've begun to lay.  In addition to that, we gained 9 new to us hens, because someone realized they aren't farmers after getting them.  Added to our 28 hens already we have an Egg Surplus!
I've tried to find a few more customers for eggs, but right now, I'm just not finding them.  So, I've been coming up with creative ways to save them for the future.  The first thing I made were breakfast sandwiches for the freezer. 
For this recipe, you will need:
  • eggs
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • butter
  • sliced cheese
  • deli ham
  • English muffins and/or bagels
  • saran wrap

First, spread butter on the inside of each muffin or bagel.  I think you could leave this out, but I wanted them to taste really good.  Sprayed muffin tins with butter spray and cracked an egg in each tin.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.  Bake the eggs at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.  Let cool on a cooling rack.
 Stack sliced cheese, deli ham and an egg on each sandwich.  For the bagels, I put a slice of ham on each side of the bagel to keep the rest from falling through the bagel hole.

Wrap each sandwich in plastic wrap if you are planning on using a microwave to eat it.  You could wrap them in foil if you plan to bake them in the oven.

I put the sandwiches into the bags from the bread and ziplock bags to store in the freezer.

To eat: cook in the microwave for 2 minutes on high.  This is such and easy way to have breakfast ready to go in two minutes!  Our family enjoys them for lunch or dinner, too!