Thursday, January 31, 2013

Life on the Prairie

I've been crafting this week, but don't have things ready to share with you just yet.  We've had some excitement this week on the Prairie - Turkeys!  We've had about 17 turkeys coming daily to our yard and eating from the cherry tree out front.  Two to three of them go up into the cherry tree and shake it down, while the rest scramble for what falls (hopefully next year, we will get those cherries before they spoil, and the turkeys will be out of business.)After they check out the cherry tree, then they line up and make a trip around our house and eat under one of the trees in the back yard.  They are usually here for about an hour each day, but the give the entire family a lot of excitement for the day!

They've gotten brave enough, they go just outside the patio door in the back of the house.  That is, they go there until our very dumb dog discovers them and barks.  Then, they are headed for the hills, literally.  My oldest is plotting and planning which one will be his for the turkey season - not soon enough for him!