Monday, August 6, 2012

Burlap and Ticking

I found a queen size bed ruffle with  a ticking ruffle on it.  Immediately, I picked it up (for only $1!) at our local thrift store.  I knew that I would combine it with my find of burlap bags.  ( I picked up 200 of them for only $10!  Yes, that's right, they were only $.05 each! I overindulged in them, and could take no less than 200 because of the price.)  One of the problems with my new bags is that they are a little smaller than the printed ones that I have.  I personally like really long table runners because I have a really big table, but I decided to get over my own feelings and make this runner as long as I could (the ruffle really helped, too).
 So here is the runner.  I think the ticking and the burlap really look great together.
 I know how to make ruffles and have ticking, but for $1 I thought that this really was worth using from a different source!
You could have it in the middle of a big table like above, or you could have the ruffle hang down the edge of the table.  Not bad for only $1.05!  (I have tons of the ticking left, too)

This is getting listed in my Etsy Shop.  Please consider checking this out and many other items that we have made.  We use our Etsy Shop to save for 4-H trips for our kids.

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