Friday, August 31, 2012

The Necessity of an Enemy - Book Review

I've always believed and have even used some the the "normal" Christian sayings like, something good will come of anything bad, but I'm not sure I really thought through every aspect of that thought.  Ron Carpenter, Jr. brings new light to this cliche in Christianity and even takes it one step further, with the thought that not only will something good come from an enemy attack, but it is a necessity to have the enemy attack in order for God to do great things in our life.

This book really made me think about how really bad moments and even people in my life were necessary to bring me to a better person and develop my own witness to others.  It was a hard thought to swallow, the thought that an attack by the enemy was necessary to grow.  I like to think as a Christian that God won't allow the bad to come in, but the truth is, when the bad happens, we are often, just a step or moment away from a huge breakthrough or moment in my life.

After reading this book, I feel that it has caused me to think about struggles and attacks from the enemy in a new way.  Carpenter challenges the reader to not flee from the enemy, but to embrace it.  To use it as a step stool for something greater to come.  The bigger the attack by the enemy, you can take comfort in knowing that the win in the end will be that much greater.  And of course, even after a win over the enemy, we need to stay on our toes and not relax, because the enemy doesn't relax either.'

This book was so packed with spiritual guidance, that I read many sections twice, not because it wasn't understandable, but because I really wanted to soak it in and pray about each concept.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who takes their walk in Christ seriously - seriously enough to be attacked by the enemy. It has a ton of information and can even be read twice, to get the most out of it.  The study guide at the end, really adds to the organization and application of this practical life/personal growth book.

I did receive a copy of this book in exchange for this review of the book from Multnomah Waterbrook Press.  All opinions are my own. Please Rank my review HERE.