Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Waffle Iron Hash browns

Do you spend countless hours on Pinterest looking at all the great ideas?  Well, I do and have heard so many comment on how much there is to try, but never get around to it.  Of course, I can't do it all, but hey, I had to try this one.  Cooking hash browns in my waffle iron - what a concept?  I thought it was a brilliant use for a waffle iron.  You see, I have a few issues with my waffle iron.  

First, I like crispy waffles, not rubbery, and I can't find a recipe in my waffle iron that doesn't turn out rubbery.  Second, once I have rubber waffles, I can't eat them again for about 6 months!  So my third issue with my waffle iron is that since it takes me 6 months to recover, it doesn't ever get used, and I wonder if I should get rid of it.

So this Pinterest idea, I thought I would try.  Genius!   My hash browns were crispy and cooked through in no time in my waffle iron.  My poor waffle iron will not have to wait for six months for another use, either!  My advice to you if you try cooking your hash browns with the waffle iron, is to cook it longer than the timer on the iron.  It went through two cycles on my iron.  Also, this was low fat compared to frying since it just needed the iron to be sprayed.

Do you spend oogles of time on Pinterest?  How about other uses for your waffle iron?

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