Saturday, August 18, 2012

Huckleberry Hunting

I love the fact we have so much National Forest here in Northern Idaho.  It's been wonderful to find and harvest wild morel mushrooms, and now we have finally found the huckleberries!  It seems that everyone here is picking them, but most don't know exactly where they are.
 We finally found them, thanks to our new friends!  After 45 minutes of picking with eight of us picking, this is what we got, about a third of an ice cream pail full of huckleberries!  Yummy!  Keep in mind that everyone also did some eating, too.
Better yet, we now have 7 very precious jars of Huckleberry jam!  We gave one jar as a gift to our exchange student to take back to her family and will probably part with one more jar for a gift for someone special (can't mention who!).  The best part, this was free and full of memories for everyone!

Do you have local finds in the woods that you hunt down?  We will definitely be checking this spot out first thing next year for huckleberry season!