Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Origami Heart Tutorial

I am busy getting ready for our MOPS meeting tomorrow.  I coordinate, but I love to do the creative activities for our group.  Our theme tomorrow is of course Loving our Husbands, so we have planned to write our husbands love notes.  Well, I just can't leave it at plain scrapbook paper for the notes!  I was looking on Pinterest and found a lovely post and video on how to make Origami Hearts HERE. 

It's a great idea and well put together blog post, but the video moves so fast and the girl left out some of the steps in her editing, so I watched that video several times, before I figured it out.  Then I called in my son, who went on exchange to Japan to help me figure it out too.  He had to watch it several times too.

Since it took me so many times to watch the video, I thought I'd do my own step-by-step picture tutorial so you can do it before Valentine's Day!  Once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy giving little notes around the house for those you love!

The supplies you will need:
  • Scrapbook paper cut to 2 1/4" x 4 1/2"
  • Paper cutter
  • Pen

Write your love note!
 Fold the paper in half the long way.
Open it back up and fold the paper in half the short way. 
 Open it up again.  The folds will be guides for your heart.
 Fold the bottom of the paper up to the middle line the long way.
 Fold each bottom, folded edge in, like an airplane.
 Fold the other side too.

Turn the paper over.

  Fold the small edge to the middle guide line (also the edge of the folded bottom edge.)
 Turn the heart upside down (not flipped over), and fold each of the little corners in to the center.
 Repeat on both sides.  This is what the back looks like.
There you go!  You did it!
I hope this works out for you.  When I teach my MOPS ladies this, I am giving them a pre-cut printer paper to practice on first and then I will have them do the scrapbook paper, once they've figured it out.  I hope this helps you spread some love for Valentine's Day!