Thursday, May 21, 2015

Homeschool Class of 2015

My firstborn is about to graduate this Sunday! Because we homeschool, this is creating a few weeks with a ton of work and getting ready for the graduation ceremony and the party!  But I have to say doing the crafting is my favorite part!
There are four boys in our area that are graduating together, so we are having their graduation in one of the family's barn (not animal barn, but really, an extra space for people gathering barn!)  It's a beautiful location and a beautiful barn, so we feel extremely blessed to be a part of this ceremony and party!
We decided to make the most of the country feel and have burlap and country accents.  I offered to make burlap pennants for each of the boys, spelling their names, for the card tables, and then also a big GRADUATION banner for the gate out of burlap.  I happened to have four extra pennants, so decided to make one with 2015 on it for another accent. 
Their color is navy blue, so I added some scraps of material that looks similar to bandanas.  I think it looks very country and masculine.  The boys name banners only have bandanas on the ends. Overall, this project only cost me $2 for the twine.  I have about 150 burlap bags on hand and the material was an old skirt! What do you think?   Stay tuned for more details....