Monday, June 29, 2015

S'mores made better!

Ok, I love old fashioned s'mores.  You know, the yummy perfectly golden cooked marshmallows over a campfire between two graham crackers and three rectangles of Hershey's chocolate.  We've tried all different kinds of options for s'mores, but they just don't quite make the cut.  We've used Peeps instead of marshmallows.  We've tried Rolo's and Reese's peanut butter cups.  We've tried square marshmallows and the jumbo ones.  I love the off brand, cheap marshmallows the best.  None of these options quite match up, though!

Sooo..... this weekend, while we were camping, we went about making our traditional, only-way-to-eat s'mores as usual!  Then, for whatever reason, I decided that I would try my perfectly cooked, off-brand marshmallow between two homemade chocolate chip cookies!  Oh, my!! We now have a competitor to the original, traditional s'mores!  You don't even need the chocolate!  The chocolate chips melt with the hot marshmallow and it tastes so yummy!!!  Warning, you may have to eat several of these, though, which makes them not so healthy, but happiness created by eating them, may overrule the calories!  (Maybe!)