Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fall Happy Mail

My personal love language is gifts, so when I was reading posts about going the extra mile for my hostesses, Happy Mail jumped out at me as a wonderful way to do that!  If you're not familiar with what Happy Mail is, it's sending weird and fun packages in the mail to make the receiver happy.  Let's face it, we all smile when we get something other than a bill in the mail.
I've been trying to send out a Thank you Happy Mail to my hostesses following their party.  Here's what I mailed out for the fall. 
I found these cute candy corn gift bags at the Dollar Tree and knew that I could do something with them for Happy Mail.  There were 6 bags in the pack.  I also looked high and low for the Candy Corns in a smaller bag (so it doesn't weigh so much) and found this one at Walgreen's for $1 which is my price range.  I also added in some fake leaves to make it fun!
I cut the handles off the bag and put everything in.  Taped it down and put this label on it.  The label says: "This may sound CORNY, but you FALL in as one of my best hostesses! Thanks!" On the other side of the bag, I just put the address label for my hostess.  It cost my about $2 to mail it out.
I know that I would love getting something like this in the mail!  My post lady is about as excited as I am about my Happy Mail when I send them out. What do you think?
If you'd like to get some of my Happy Mail by having your own party, go HERE and email me for the details!