Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Support Your Own Direct Sales Business For the Holidays!

This idea actually came to me several years ago, when my relatives started giving our Christmas gifts away to charity in our name (although they get the tax write-off).  Don't get me wrong, that sounds super warm and fuzzy and honorable to do, if we had everything in the world, and have not needs or wants.  But that's not the case for our family. 

Each year when we got the card from the charity organization, I would comment that it would be nice if they gave to the Charity of Us.  (Painfully, we have 5 kids on one income, and one of those Christmases, my husband had been out of work for 6 months.  We were starving and had no gifts for our kids, but some 3rd world family got our Christmas gift of food that year!  Sorry for my lack of excitement!)

It occurred to me then that I actually can do the same, but give my own family back that gift.  I started to purchase their gifts from my own direct sales business through out the year.  Each month, when there are extra specials available for my parties, I try to purchase at least 1 or 2 of them for my Christmas gifts. 

Here's how it helps my business:
1. I get the commission - not Walmart, Amazon, etc.  This isn't selfish at all!  Trust me, the owner of the dealership my hubby works at, would never by a vehicle from another place of business.  Why would I buy gifts from another gift store?
2. I get advertisement. My family hopefully uses my items, and their friends see them. In theory,  they in turn pass my information on.
3. I get my gifts at a portion of the perceived value - saving a ton of money!  I only buy it when it's on special, usually at least 50% off, plus my 25% commission.  They get more, and I spend less!  Win- win!
4.  I get the credit for the purchase.  My ds company gives incentive periods to earn more free products, so knowing that, I make my purchases for gifts during those incentive times.  So in addition to my discount, I earn extra incentives and get sales credit for them.
5. Job security!  If you and your family get their gift needs from you instead of the box stores, it's job security!  Giving them that for Christmas and birthdays, gets them thinking about other options for their own gift giving needs, too!
6.  I'm done shopping for my extended family, way before the Christmas season even begins!
7.  My holiday spending is spread throughout the year, making it less painful on the wallet.
8.  My Direct Sales business is paying for Christmas gifts!  This makes Mr. Right happy that he doesn't have to find gift money at Christmas.
9.  My Direct Sales is not just a hobby, it's actually paying a bill.
10.  Who doesn't love to get a special, personalized gift for Christmas?

As finish up the holidays and begin a new year, set a new goal to support your own direct sales business for the holidays next year!  Do you buy from yourself?