Saturday, July 30, 2016

Homemade Campfire Starter

I've been making my own Campfire Starter for at least the last 15 years.  Somewhere along the way, someone shared this idea with me, and I've done it ever since.  Not only is it made out of recycled materials, but it works really well to start a campfire! 
Dryer lint

 All year long, I collect all of my dryer lint and dryer sheets in a ziplock bag I keep by my dryer.  Then before we go camping, I get that bag out to make the fire starters.

I always have all kinds of egg cartons around.  Most people know we have laying hens, so they save their egg cartons for us.  I fill a bunch of them with all that lint and sheets.   There's no science to this, just stuff it in there.
 Shut the cartons and voila!  You've got your fire starter ready.

I pack a few of these egg into a Rubbermaid along with a bunch of extra lint. just in case.  Once I get to the campground and we are trying to start the fire, I cut the egg cartons with a scissors into halves or thirds.  You can light the egg carton or part of the insides with a lighter and your fire will start right up!   Because of the egg carton, it keeps burning for a while, so your wood has time to start up.  So cheap, but so necessary for campfires!