Monday, November 14, 2016

Window Cleaning Power

This blog is really about all the Scraps of my life.  They may seem pretty chaotic at times, but let's face it, so is my life!

Recently, I was on a search for cleaning products for a cleaning job that not only work, but use little to no chemicals. Well, I've known about Norwex for a very long time, but didn't really pay attention when all of my friends were using it years ago. Then, when I was trying to get the streaks out of the windows I clean every week, I decided to investigate.

I couldn't believe that an Envirocloth and a Window Cloth could clean butter off the window, so I had to try it myself! 

Please feel free to support this one scrap of my life.  I'm a new Independent Norwex Consultant because I love all the results I'm getting  with their products!  Try them - they have a 2 year guarantee!