Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Make Your Own Business Cards

We are frantically getting our son ready to go on an international exchange trip this summer and one of the things that he is supposed to bring with him are business cards.  I was going to buy the computer business cards to go through our printer, when I got to thinking that I should just make him one on my Storybook Creator 4.0 and print it up as a 4x6 photo.

I opened a new project up on the "Local Printer" option in the printer and chose to make a "4x6 portrait" card. I used the Basketball Digital Additions to make the basketball background and the basketball in the background.  (The star over his face is also from that addition.) For the State of Idaho and the state bird and flower, I used the North American Road Trip Digital Kit, which was only available to my customers enrolled in the Rewards Club.  (The Rewards Club gives a 15% reward on all purchases and also has exclusive products and deals just for members.  Please check this link to sign up today and start saving.)

I just added my text boxes for the addresses and the wording, and finally a picture of my wonderful child!  I copied again to the bottom of the card and saved it onto my hard drive to order prints from any printer.  I waited for a good deal (Buy 25 get 25 free) then ordered them twice.  We needed to have 200 cards total, and since each card made two cards, I only needed to order 100.

For a special treat for the kids he meets, he stapled an individual lifesaver to the back.  I think he is going to be pretty popular overseas when he takes these out.  They are a little bigger than a business card at 3x4, but they look great and the photo is higher quality than I could do on my printer at home (and a I saved my ink.)

Overall, I think the entire project cost us less than $10 including the candy, so it worked well for him.  He loves them and can't wait to give them out!

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