Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bunting Baby Quilt

I found a tutorial to make this baby quilt HERE, and just had to make it for my new niece.  I won't even repeat the instructions, since Cheryl at www.aprettycoollife.com did such a wonderful job of telling you how to do it.  The only complaint I had for this quilt, were that it was a bit small compared to a quilt size.  I started to cut all the pieces out and got the binding made, and my daughter decided that she really wanted to make this.  Who am I to deny a 13 year old of a project?  So here is what she did - all by herself!She did such a wonderful job.  She makes me proud!

Please let me know what you think of my daughter's talent?  Also, be sure to check out those blogs that I love to link up to.  Oh, by the way, this didn't cost us anything, because I actually used materials that I had on hand!  I also made a matching bib and burp rag to go with it for the shower gift.