Monday, July 23, 2012

Enjoying the Bounty

Because we recently moved here and my gardener is out of the country, our garden didn't really seem to be well planned, or even like it was going to produce anything this year.  I've been out in the garden the last few weeks trying to battle all the weeds that naturally occur on the prairie.  Lo and behold, we have produce!

I thought I'd share, just to inspire you to get out there and do a little gardening.  Even if it's a few tomatoes in a pot - it's a great feeling to bring to the table your own bounty!  Not to mention, growing your own vegetables is healthier, too.

Pictured above, are garlic scapes (which I made into Garlic Scape Pesto from one of my favorite places to get recipes for fresh farm produce), radishes, kale , Bok Choy, onion scapes and spinach which were all put into a Veggie Fried Rice. It's very refreshing to eat from your own garden.

It's not too late to plant - don't forget those crops that you can add later in the season, like lettuce, spinach, and even radishes in the fall.  The Bok Choy is said to come back along with the spinach in the fall.

What is your bounty from your garden?  How do you enjoy it?