Sunday, February 17, 2013

"New" Pillows

I hadn't realized that it had been November of 2009 that I had redone my couch pillows, but when I went back to my old blog to check, sure enough, it's been four years!  You can check out my Goodwill Redo HERE if you would like to see how I turned a tablecloth into new pillows.  Well, these pillows were really starting to look bad (and I was getting embarrassed having our CARE group over every Wednesday to sit on them!), so I decided to recover them.Of course, the only material I happen to have on hand in my Scrap Stash that would cover four big pillows, was some ticking that I got at Walmart for $1 a yard (they were clearancing all their bolts of material).  I bought the whole bolt, in fact.

For this project, I actually debated just doing two or three of the pillows and changed my mind about the material several times.  I finally decided to just do it, and I could change them in a few months if I didn't like them.  If I had read my original post, I wouldn't have wasted any time in changing them since it's been so long!

Of course, once I got them done, I decided that my couch really needed that drop cloth slipcover that I've had the material for three years and hadn't had enough guts to start yet.  My green couch just wasn't cutting it with my new pillows, so now I have a new project started.  I'll be posting more on that soon!

Another view of those pillows.  I didn't worry about making these removable or putting in zippers, I just went the quickest way, and sewed the pillows in there.  It is so satisfying to just do something new!  Refreshing!

Check out the blogs I love to link up to on the right column.  I love to hear what you think of this new, free project!  Do you have have a project that starts another, though?.