Sunday, December 8, 2013

Craft Show Success

 Whew!  Our craft show was a success!  I will warn you know, this post is picture heavy, but hey, our booth has so much stuff, it's hard to take it all in!  We had a late start and overslept our alarm by two hours.  Fortunately, I had everything packed the day before, so it wasn't much more than showering and getting a breakfast packed (which my 7 year did for me!)
On looking back at the pictures, we were stationed outside of the art room, so it's got a very busy back ground.  I'm already thinking about what to do to fix that for next year, because we really like this spot.  We were right in the entryway of the craft fair (the unwanted spot).  Granted, it was chilly, because it was only 8 degrees outside, but we got people coming in and leaving.

Overall view

 After entering the doors, our booth was on the right side and then you could go to the right or left down the halls to see other booths and then also straight ahead to the gym.  We were able to use both sides of our booth to display, so the pegboard we used on both sides for items.

I love this pegboard with shelves on the bottom. The backside was rough, so we hung burlap across the back and hung stockings on it.

A look towards the front doors to the school.

 We had enough room in our booth to have a middle island, too.
 I had my bets on that  cute chalkboard suitcase being one of our first sales, but it didn't go until the afternoon. That's ok, it went to another great friend!

 Even the back side of our middle crates got things on them to look at.
Our ladder shelves covered a trophy case, and the more narrow area of the booth.  Because our booth was awkward in shape, we were allowed to spread out more than the other crafters.

We're pretty tired, and now sorting through all of our stuff to get them listed to try to sell them.  Oh, and of course, Christmas is waiting to come to my own house....