Monday, February 29, 2016

Nobody wants to hear about your workout!

So this made me laugh so hard!  My group of friends on Facebook has recently taken up weight loss, which is great!  I'm all for healthy weight loss! BUT, they aren't sharing their weight loss on Facebook because they are accomplishing anything, but instead, they are sharing because they are trying to sell me their weight loss goods. 

One of my friends posted a video of herself, 9 months pregnant, doing heavy duty exercise with her belly sticking out below her tank and leggings on. Let me tell you, there are some things that one can not unsee in your mind!! Nothing about her belly flopping around looked healthy or appealing!  I'm not even saying that being pregnant makes you look fat, but this was not a great example of healthy looking pregnancy!   There was literally a roll of belly flab slapping around under her pregnant belly.  Gross!!

Another friend recently posted a before and after picture of her supposed weight loss.  I've looked at it for a long time, but I can't see the difference.  If you are going to expose yourself and put up a picture of yourself in your bra, you better be really sure that everyone can tell the difference.  I actually thought she looked better in the first picture, because her face looked healthy. 

Don't get me wrong, I myself am  Healthy Meal Replacements (shameless plug!) and of course, am very excited about the results and want all my friends and family to join me in my quest to get healthy.  But I not to post constant "selling" posts on Facebook and other social media about my products along with horrible pictures of myself. 

I've lost 35 pounds and you can tell that I have, I only share my before and after pictures with friends I'm actually having a private conversation with about it and they ask me!  I never share pictures of my unclad body, though.   I definitely don't share videos of myself exercising, pregnant or otherwise, because nobody wants to see that! I take pictures before and after shots with modest apparel on, so you can get the idea, without having a bad experience in your mind! 

Dear Weight Loss Enthusiast Friends - Please don't share your exercise and weight loss pictures constantly on your feeds!  Nobody is that interested in it!  Thank you, kindly!