Thursday, March 29, 2012

Exercise Embarrassment

I am going to be brutally honest here - I find exercise to be embarrassing.  Why? I don't want people to see me do it.  I think it's embarrassing to sweat, to wear immodest clothing, and more importantly, after five children, things move that shouldn't.  All that aside, I have been making the effort to exercise every weekday in some way shape or form.
In my home, by myself, is still very embarrassing!  My kids will come in and out and see me suffering.  Yes, I am sensitive to the comments (not intended to be critical, but still comments.)  You know kids can be honest, brutally honest!

 I decided to try the Wii out last week as a part of my routine.  This attracts the little kids - they sit down in a row to watch the "game" right behind me.  As I'm trying not to think about the embarrassment and am telling myself that it's good for them to see their parents exercising regularly, I hear it.  Yes, my belly flab bounces and makes a noise!   Thankfully, my children refrain from any question or comment, and I continue with a prayer, that maybe someday, it won't be that flabby.

So now, instead of my personal exercising being embarrassing in person, I've shared with the world on the Internet my embarrassment.  Really, I'm not making excuses for this.  I have spent years trying to not be embarrassed by exercise.  It just is!  But I persevere and pray about it every day. What about you?  Is exercising embarrassing for you?