Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Scrap Stash Clean Up

If you are a crafter, (or hoarder) you may have the same dilemma that I have: too much of a craft stash!  I knew this about myself before moving to the Prairie, but actually packing it all up, seeing the amount of  boxes it all took and then trying to figure out what to do with it once I got here was quite an eye opener.  While packing things, my craft room was actually my last thing to pack, because I just didn't know what I could give up.  

Well, here I am with a huge scrap pile, and no where to go with it.  I'm way too practical to have moved it across country to abandon it now, so I have decided to get rid of it by making things from it!  All of it!  Yes, boxes and boxes and boxes of stash!  I can't even bring myself to posting a picture of it because it embarrasses me so much!  It is overtaking my bedroom to be sure!

Of course, I won't be doing this overnight, but I have put it on the forefront of my priorities!  So each week, I am going to feature here, a new project or to from my Scrap Stash that I am getting out, using, and then really getting out of my house!

Pinterest is certainly a big help in this area.  Oh - I would love to have you follow me Pinterest. (I'll get the button up in my side bar as soon as I can figure out my design here.)  

While surfing around on Pinterest I found this great project and whipped up several in no time.   I won't bore you with a tutorial since The Ribbon Retreat did such a wonderful job of it here.I made this one into a headband, because at 5 1/2 inches, I wanted to be sure that it made just the right statement.  It is so cute!

While I was sitting on the couch making these, my 5-year-old, looked over and stated: "You know that look it belongs to me!"  Not a question or a request - just a statement.  Both of my daughters love these so much, I've had a hard time keeping them away from them!  (I think I'll have to give some for an Easter gift, for sure!) 

Speaking of Easter gifts, or gifts in general, if you would like to purchase this or any of the others that I will be listing soon from my Etsy Shop, please go HERE.  All proceeds from my shop are going to benefit my son who has been awarded a 4-H trip to Japan this year. 

What are you doing with your Scrap Stashes this week?  I urge you to get something out and just do it!  Don't forget to share what you've done!  Oh, and I am working on linking up to those blogs I love to link up to in the right column.  It's taking longer with the new blog!  Thanks for your patience while I get it all moved over!