Thursday, November 1, 2012

31 Days - Day 28: Dry Run

I think this is one of the most important steps of the craft show (besides making all of your goodies) and that is to have a dry one of the set up.  Mark out the exact dimensions of your booth with tape and actually set up your display, before you get to the show!  In fact, if you have a place, like a shed or a garage, that you can have a Dry Run setup for an extended time, do it.

Doing a Dry Run will give you an idea of how big your booth really is and what it will look like.  I remember going to a craft show and setting up all my things the night before, which we had the option of doing and having the time to really digest what my booth would look like.

The next morning, I came in early, thankful that I wasn't rushing to get things setup and lo and behold the lady with the booth across the aisle from me was frantic.  Frantic to get her things in and extremely shocked.  She couldn't believe how small her booth was and that her display as she planned it in her head wasn't going to fit!  Because she hadn't done a dry with the measuring of the booth, she couldn't adjust at the last moment to fix it, either!

I watched her lose sales the entire show, because she had crammed everything in so tight, you couldn't see any of her things. In fact, in her panic, she had blocked people from entering her booth and had things facing the wrong direction!  To top it off, she sat in the corner and pouted, because her booth wasn't big enough for her things!  She had several friends coming to see her, and loudly complained about the size of her booth.  Here she had one day to sell everything, and she had no time or ability to edit and move on!

I felt bad in one sense for her, but really, when you are doing a craft show, you have one chance to get your audience to buy your goods.  So why wouldn't you plan ahead and do a dry run of your booth.  She could have easily downsized everything, and then restocked later in the day as things sold!  She would have made the sales, and people would've enjoyed her presence at the show!  Truth be told, her items were gorgeous and I wanted most of them myself, except she scared me off with her tantrums.

Don't be that person that is surprised by the size of your booth.  Don't lose a single sale because you overestimated the size of your booth!  It will never be big enough, no matter the size, it is just what you do with that space to market your goods.  Resist the urge to put it all out in the beginning.  Hide some under things or even in the car until some space is freed up.  And most importantly, do a dry run!

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