Friday, November 9, 2012

31 Days - Day 31: Ready, Set-up, Go!

We have finally made it!  Me, my final post on the 31 Days Until a Craft Show series and getting ready for my craft show this season and hopefully you, on your endeavor to be in a craft show.  This last post, I am just going to give you my last, unsolicited advice on getting ready to go and I will finish off with a link list of all my posts in this series.

As you get ready, a few things to remember to do:

  • Double check your contract to be sure the times, rules, and anything else to expect at the show.
  • Arrive at the earliest time you can to set up.  I think it's better to have time to spare after you set up than to be running late and run the chance of losing customers.  Most of the other vendors often check each other's booths out before the show and may even buy from you if you are more set up and they can see things. (In other words, don't miss a sale!)
  • Stand back and take a look - Are you pleased? Does it flow right?  Does the booth feature the right things?  Is it attractive?
  • Hey, go check out the other booths!  You might get more ideas for next time (or find something you just have to have!)
  • I hate this when people do this to me, but maybe send a reminder text to a bunch of friends to come see you at the show as you are starting out your day.  One text won't hurt (just don't do it again!).
  • Text your Mr. Right and family to thank them for giving you this opportunity and their support.  It doesn't hurt to gain support for next time!
That's about it for my advice!  Just Get Ready, Set-up, Go and HAVE FUN!

Here's the list with links for the all the posts in this series, please enjoy!