Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 Days - Day 22: Display Ideas, Part 1

I have to admit, this is probably one of the most exciting part of getting ready for a craft show - the pictures of display idea.  Go ahead and admit it, you really don't care about all the business of getting ready, but you can't wait to see the pictures of other people's craft booths!  Of course, I can't show you all the pictures out there on the internet, but I have been pinning a ton of them in expectation of this post, so I will share them with you now.  Please give a shout out to those that I am using for idea.  I will be giving a link to each of their posts so you can look closer.

Oh, I will be taking two posts for the Display Ideas.  I figured this would be more than one post worth.  Be sure to check out all my other posts that I have done in this series: 31 Days Until a Craft Show.

 Wouldn't these pallets work great for hanging things on and giving height to your booth?  Not only that, but they are free!
Sunshine and Carousels
 I love the height she gained by putting the pennants up on sticks.
Go to Day 8 of my 31 Day series to see the rest of our booth

A Quiet Curiosity from Carosello's blog

Nice use of boxes for display.
The Vintage Nest

I love the use of a ladder.  (I apologize for not  finding the exact link for this ladder, but it seems to have come off a flicker account, which won't let me get to.  Originally, I got the picture off of Pinterest, which apparently lets you use photos freely, even if you copyright them in flicker.  I linked you to the blog. )
Lynn Minnie Designs

Using a Vintage suitcase for display. (and to store the items until the craft show and carry them to the show safely.)  This one has a tutorial on how to make this.
Another Suitcase display. 
Craft Show Designs
A picture frame display with a tutorial.
Stella and Hodge
This has a great tutorial on how to make this display!  If you do jewelry, you should check this out!

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!  There are a lot more exciting thing to come.

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