Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 Days - Day 23: Display Ideas, Part 2

Well, are you ready for Part 2 of Display ideas?  I have them in no particular order, and also can't get everyone that's out there in this post, but I am trying to give you as many different ideas as I can.  I am doing my very best to credit the sources for these pictures, but what I find is that when people put their pictures in flicker accounts, I can't link them to the person.  Trust me, I want very much to give the person credit for their picture and their work.

Pink Lemonade (not a direct link to blog post)
I love the idea of using a dresser, but this would be large to move into a booth.  The only worthwhile use for it would be to sell the dresser, too.
Go Monkey Designs Booth
I love the hanging purse display and the buckets with the boards in the display.  Great use of height again.
Sugar Bee Crafts
What a great idea to attract people to your booth, plus you can change it because it is chalk.
Sugar Bee Crafts
This one has a great idea to vary the traditional table set up - they used a smaller table pulled out under the bigger table to make two levels of viewing items.  Also, pegboards are always great for booths because they are adjustable.  This peg board actually is hinged and folds up to easily carry it in.
Melissa Arlena Photography
This one points out so many different things that can be used to feature items.  Again with the big dressers (and Melissa isn't even selling dressers!).  She frames out things, hangs them on strings with clothespins.  Love the use of crates for height and for storage.  They are simple and cheap.  Also, the wall of ledges is great.  It's nothing really expensive and can show off a ton of things.

 I love the use of the doors across the back  here.  I would be a little hesitant to put pillows on the floor though.  It just goes against my thinking that pillows shouldn't be on the floor.  Just saying.
 Love the use of fences and benches to feature products.
 Muffin Tins work for small items to make them look neat. Be creative for storing items for sale.
Lollipops Cards shared all these pictures
Putting bookshelves up on a table can help get things at eye level.

Ok, well that was a lot of ideas to get you started.  Stay tuned while I make an effort to keep up on this 31 Days Until a Craft Show.  One of my next posts is to actually make my display, not dream about it.  (I say one of my next, because that means I need to get Mr. Right on board for his help and also get my act together to do it! lol)

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