Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 Days - Day 16: Make Crafts

I will admit, today's post is not rocket science, you need to make your craft!  Make some, make some more, and make some more!  You are going to need to try to make as many crafts as you can possibly make from now Until Your Craft Show!

Genius, right?  Well, here are the pictures...I'm going to share some of the things that I am working on for my own craft show!  So here goes.  I love to hear what you think (oh, yeah, and it helps me feel like I'm not out here in the computer space by myself! lol)
Burlap and Ticking Table Runners (I plan to get these done this week)

Snowman Painted Books - I made these last year

Lathe Stars - I have these made, but we have them in a local shop.  I may have to make more or sell my own.

Burlap and Ruffles Table Runner

Burlap Reversible Purse

Crate Birdhouse - I need to get my son to make some, they sell well on Etsy

Burlap Bird Ornaments - boy I need to make these!

Chenille Stockings - I need to make these and burlap ones soon!

Chenille Pillows

Blocks with different words

Chenille Bird Ornaments

Whew!  As I put up these pictures, I realized how many things I have yet to make or finish.  I am also working on a bunch of frames, chalkboards, and painted tables.  It finally rained here, and I am of course having regrets about not getting my painting things finished!  I knew I would.  Oh well, check out the rest of the posts in the series: 31 Days Until a Craft Show.

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