Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 Days - Day 17: Fun For Everyone

Making crafts and getting ready for a craft show can be a drain on everyone in your family.  The house is a mess, regular chores get set aside, and of course, there's always a project to be done.  I want to suggest that it's important to make sure that everyone is on the same page and supportive as you get ready for a craft show.  Some ways to include everyone in getting ready are:

  • Set a family financial goal - maybe it's getting a new video game or even earning a trip to disney for the family.  You'd be surprised how much kids want to "help" if they know what they get out of it.
  • Find a craft for each child to sell  and let them earn their own money.
  • Give kids a "job" assembling crafts (kids of all ages love to help out)
  • Have a craft night, where you make some things to sell together.
By making the Craft Show fun for the whole family, you will find it easier to get ready for your craft show.  Also, when you want to do it again, your family will be more supportive.  You may even consider having your children help sell things at the show.  No shame in using cute children to sell your items!

How do you make craft shows fun for your family?For a complete list of the 31 Day Until A Craft Show series and links to each post go Here to Day 31.