Tuesday, October 30, 2012

31 Days - Day 26: Storage

Now that you are getting your craft show items made, I'm sure that your house has been transformed into an interesting craft explosion, especially if you don't have a craft room just for doing crafts in.  And if you don't have a ton of storage area to put all your items to sell, you are looking for some ideas on how to store them. Of course, there is the old fashioned, box them up and put them in storage, but I try to be a little more creative with that.  (Ok, I don't alway trust that our storage is going to be dry and safe from harm.)

My best advice is to hide the items in plain sight.  Here are where some of my items are hiding being stored in plain sight:
I am using that vintage suitcase that I did Over HERE.   
 I am using this suitcase in the corner as one of my decorations in my living room.  At some point, I may have too many decorations, but hopefully that won't happen until we are closer to the craft show!
This is a chair I have redone, also being used in the living room with the express directions to all the kids not to touch it!

This one is hanging on my back door until I can find a box that it fits into.
Sometimes, things hang out in my house, just because I can't find another way to "hide" them.  In this case, this sheet music wreath, is too big for a box, so it is hanging on my back door in my laundry.  I'm the only one in danger of smushing it here!

Suitcase in my son's messy room!
I have another confession, I've even resorted to using my kid's rooms to stashing things in.  I am using this vintage suitcase for a display, so have it stuffed with items that I am getting ready for the sale. These suitcase fit nicely under beds or in a corner, or wherever I can't get them stashed.  Sorry kids!

What about you?  Where are you storing your craft show items?
Check out all the other posts in my 31 Days Until a Craft Show Series.  I promise I will eventually get all 31 Days posted here (sooner than later).   I have four out of seven sick people here and am canning around 100 quarts of apple cider for the year, in addition to trying to get ready for a craft show, so I'm doing my very best. 

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