Monday, October 8, 2012

31 Days - Day 8: Pick Your Style

Day 8 of my 31 Days has arrived!  Whew!  It seems like more than that!  If you've missed the rest of the posts in this 31 Day series, be sure to check them all out here: 31 Days Until a Craft Show.  I am hoping to bring you all kinds of ideas on how to get ready for your first (or fiftieth) craft show as I get ready for a craft show here on the Prairie in December.

Today's topic is to pick your style.  I've been to many craft shows over the years and even done many of them, and the one thing that drives me crazy in booths is the inability for people to pick a style.   I've seen booths that were all knit things and then someone decided to throw a bunch of baked goods in there for good measure.  Another was jewelry that was hand crafted, but then they must have thought they didn't have enough of the item they made and put in a bunch of cheap store bought jewelry to fill the booth up.

Honestly, as a buyer, I would rather see a booth that is more empty than more full, if a crafter can't come up with enough stuff to fill the booth  At least it is more pleasing to the eye of the buyer with just a few things than a bunch of mismatched items. That booth that had store purchased jewelry at, I didn't want to buy anything, because I couldn't tell which where purchase versus which were handmade.

So, with that being said, I thought I'd share with you  my style.  I am trying to stick with the style that my friends and I did in a booth last year, with a little less antiques for sale in the that booth.
Here's the whole booth.  Keep in mind that at least 4 people contributed to this booth.

I plan to do many of the pillows, paper trees,  frames, etc.

This shelf was packed with antiques, but I don't plan to do so many of them.

I plan to do the funky junk style with a touch of  shabby chic.

I have one of those pails made with a French print and then have some metal file boxes I am going to do the same on.

My recycled book covers will be there - no pumpkins though!

Those stars were made by my son - I'm not sure why they didn't sell very well, but wonder if there was just too much here.

My painted books, too.

I'm trying to find some chairs to paint and recover, but have struggled a little with this.  Not sure where the old ugly chairs go in my area, but I'd love to score a few!
So, there's the style that I'm striving for with my booth here are the Prairie in December.  I won't have as much, because I don't have the financial backing to fill the booth with tons of antiques, but I also haven't been able to find them here either.

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