Wednesday, November 7, 2012

31 Days - Day 30: Pack the Car

Another thing that I highly recommend doing is a trial run on packing up the car. Here are some things to think about when you are packing up your car:

  • Make sure it fits!
    • If you have a large display, be sure that it fits into the car before the day of the show.  
    • Start packing up your vehicle way in advance of the show, not just hours before.  This gives you time to readjust and to rethink how you might get things into the car.
  • Don't make too many trips!
    • If you live nearby, you may have an easier time getting things to the show because you can make multiple trips, but  if you've ever tried to park at a show when it's getting set up, you will know that you don't want to make too many trips and try to find parking.
  • Have an order!
    • Think about what order you need things out of your vehicle, also.  Don't put your display tables on the bottom, or you will need to unpack the entire car in order to get the display set up.  Try to make the tables and display items the first thing out.
  • Create a Packing List ahead of time.
    • Some items to put on that list are:
      • Money bag
      • Change
      • Detailed list of all items in storage
      • Calculator
      • Bags & packing supplies
      • Chair - if you need it.
      • Display tables, shelves, etc.
      • Extra Price tags
      • Pen
      • Credit Card supplies (if needed)
  • Do Damage Control!
    • If you have breakables and fragile items, be sure to pack them so they don't get wrecked, but also, so that things don't look like they've gone through the ringer getting to the show.  You want things to look like they are in showroom condition.
Here's what you don't want to look like when you pull up to the Craft Show!
You might feel like this when you are headed to the show, but really, duck tape isn't a great way to pack things up! lol

So there it is, my advice on getting your car packed for your craft show.  Please let me know anything I left out in my advice.  Also, check out those blogs in the right column that I love to link up to!

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