Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fishing Fun

One of the best thing about living here on the Camas Prairie, is that we are 15 minutes from the best fishing in the country on the South Fork and Clearwater Rivers!  Of course, best of all is the Steelhead and Salmon run that occurs twice a year.  One of these days, we will hook one of them but in the meantime, we will have a fun time trying to get one of those elusive Stealhead!Oh, by the way, all those guys in the background were concerned that if one of our little ones hooked a stealhead, they will end up in the river, which looks peaceful, but has a roaring rapids in the background and is 15 feet deep in front of us.  Next time, my smaller children will for sure have life jackets, but two of us stayed with the two younger fishers at all times and watched like a hawk.  Of course, those guys don't understand that we have yet to hook one either!

I had the kids packed up and ready in the car, the moment that Mr. Right got off of work and we got over an hour and a half of fishing time in last night.  It is usually at least 10 degrees warmer there, too, so it makes it even better to be out on the river.

I knew that the little kids wouldn't tolerate that long fishing, so we brought some logs, a lighter, marshmallows, and some roasting sticks to sugar up and have some warmth as the sun sets!  Please note, Peeps are pretty wonderful roasted over the fire!  Buy them up when the go on clearance after Easter, because they don't seem to spoil either.  Even if they are a little hard, they roast up great!