Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Drop Cloth Couch Re-do

It's my 100th Post!  What a great big reveal I have in store for you today!
Three years ago, I found Miss Mustard Seeds' 6 part How to Make Slipcovers Series and started with watching the first video.  I ran out to Home Depot and purchased two drop clothes, washed and bleached them to get ready for making the slipcovers for my two couches, and there they sat folded nicely in my craft room!  A year ago, we moved across the country, so I packed those drop clothes up in a box, clearly marked them and put them on the truck.  When we arrived, I put them in front of all my other boxes to do first.  We even moved again over Christmas, and I moved that box again!  Then, I did a pillow re-do, HERE that pushed me over the edge.  I just had to tackle those slip covers!

Before of the couch and the pillows that began the entire thing!
 I  had a Saturday, where the guys were doing guy things and it was me and the girls home, so I watched all 6 videos!  Yes, I did, from start to finish.  This was hard for me, I really wanted to start, without finding out the end result, but I persevered.  And then I started this overwhelming projecting.
Midway through the project
 I worked on cutting it out all Saturday morning and making the piping.  I thought I had made more than enough piping, but in the end, I was short piping for the cushions.  Live and learn, I guess!  In the afternoon, a friend reminded me that the movie theater was showing Madagascar 3 for only $3 each, so we went on a whim.  I didn't even worry about the couch!  Aren't I good?
Note all that piping on the couch
My results at the end of Sunday
I actually thought I would run out of pins to put the skirt around the couch.  It was close, but I was able to freely pin the entire thing on.  I worked all Saturday evening on the couch and then on Sunday evening also.   In the meantime, my entire living room was overtaken with this project.  Not a complaint could be heard in the house!  I have a great family!

I have to tell you at this point, I had to figure out what to do with the pillows.  I had thought I could get the entire love seat out of less than one drop cloth and then the big one out of another, so was surprised that I ran out of material to make the cushions.  I had to cut into that second drop cloth. 

 I also have to confess, that I actually started to think in my mind that it would be OK to leave the cushions without covers!  I could be done!  But, one look at that raggedy piping on the cushions, told me I should have covered them a long time ago.

I gave myself until Tuesday to get this done, and in a couple of hours, was able to cut, make piping and finish my couch.  Overall, this project wasn't worth my worry and putting off for 3 years!  I should have just done it!

So here is where the entire project becomes a lot of pictures.  I always want to see all the angles that people do for their projects, so here they are:

The finished product!


A look at the side

I had to redo one arm twice, because even Mr. Right didn't think they matched.  

I used the drop cloth for the lining - I think it is stronger and more durable with all the kids jumping on it.

The big decision on how to make.  
It was such a big decision about weather to use a zipper or make a pocket enclosure.  Frankly, I'll never get to the store to buy the zipper for it.  So I decided better to have a cover than to be frozen and not finish the cover.  It is hard to get the cushion in, but Mr. Right has gotten good at folding the cushion up to get it in.  I'm over the dilemma  because I now love my couch!  I am hoping this will extend my couch life for a long time, to get the kids through getting out of the house, and then I can get new ones again.  (16 years and counting - I'm not sure it's realistic!)

Now, I have to buy more drop cloths to finish the big couch, but I also really need to give myself a break for a bit before tackling it.  I am determined to finish this as soon as I can get the drop cloths, and not wait another three years!  I promise.  Please leave your comments!  I love to hear what you think and will be sharing with those blogs on the right column.  Be sure to check out Miss Mustard Seed's Entire site because she is the very best!  Thank you Miss Mustard Seed!!