Sunday, October 11, 2015

How to be Present with your children!

I ran across this quote on Facebook this last week and just had to share.  It's so powerful, and a great reminder to parents everywhere.  In the technological age we are in now, it's very easy to not be present in our children's lives!  With my first child leaving for college this year and my second headed that way next year, I've spent the last few years, really enjoying my kids and the time we have together.  Even that running to and from all the different games and events they have, I try to be present with them.
Here are some ideas for being present with your kids:
  1. Talk with your kids in the car when you're taking them places. Ask them questions.
  2. Attend as many of your kids events as you can!  Even if you each have to sacrifice other things, or tag team with your spouse.
  3. Make eye contact with your kids when they talk to you.  Even if my kids are interrupting a TV show, I pause it and look at them, no matter the subject for the interruption.
  4. Do something they enjoy doing, with them.  The other night, I practiced my trumpet with my 6th grader.  I told him I had 10 minutes to play with him, and we found ourselves practicing for 45 minutes!  I loved every moment!
  5. Brag about them! I try to brag about all the great things my kids do, and stay away from complaining about them!  Even if I'm tired of going to one more game, my complaint about it can personally hurt my child's feelings.  Go see my opinion about comments on Facebook Here.  I want to be certain that my kids know I love them and am proud of them!
  6. Be that "June Cleaver Mom."  What I mean is, do those little things that make a mom (or dad) special.  I wake up every morning of the week an hour before my family to make a baked breakfast for them.  For the last two summers, my oldest son worked a long day in Youth Conservation Corps, and had to leave at 4:30am.  I got up every morning and made him breakfast and had alone time with him before he left for work.  Of course it was a sacrifice and some mornings were hard to get out of bed, but I wanted to be a special person in my son's life!
  7. Let your kids know it's your pleasure to do things for them.  My kids know I don't like to cook, but I let them know that it's my pleasure to cook for them.
  8. Compliment them - genuinely and often!
  9. Hug them - I know, seems obvious, but I'm not a touchy person, so this is something I have to plan and think about.
  10. Tell them you love them - ALL THE TIME!
One of the things that helps me be there for my kids, is being my own boss!  Consider shopping with me to make that possible - HERE!  Do you have more ideas of how you can be present with your Kids?