Friday, October 30, 2015

Loving It: A Girl's Trip

One of the best things about being in direct sales, is that I get to share with others the products with I love, as well as help pay the bills for my family!  There's no better way to have a job!
This last week, I took my oldest daughter, as well as my two younger daughters on a trip for five days to visit a college!  It was so much fun to spend some girl time and create some new adventures with my daughters!  To top it off, we were packed in the very cutest bags ever, sold by yours truly!
Check out how many bags it took four of us to pack in for a five day trip!!  Come on over to my VIP Facebook Page and name those bags and their patterns!!  I also try to let my VIP customers know what is coming up for specials and even do some giveaways here and there!  It's a lot of fun, so I'd love to have you join me!
What about you, do you get to do what you love and do you love your products and share them?