Friday, October 7, 2016

Crafting Inspirations - Post #1

Last weekend, I visited my daughter at college in Eugene, Oregon for my birthday. Her college roommate knew the owner of a Shabby Chic store that she thought we would enjoy.  Well, I went pretty crazy with the pictures!  I feel so inspired by all that I saw, that of course, my craft closet is going to get back into the swing of things!
 For whatever reason, I have hung up my crafting cap lately, but there's nothing like a visit to a wonderful shop to inspire you!  I will be having multiple posts to share just some of the things that inspired me.  If you are in the Eugene/Springfield, Oregon area, I highly recommend a visit with a very large wallet, because it was so much fun!
 My favorite season is fall, and my favorite thing in fall are the pumpkins!  So I will begin with all of the pumpkins I found that I love!  Of course, what really surprised me was that all of the shabby chic pumpkins that I've been making for years, are still in style!  Can't wait to get some more made!
 Nothing like a little Vintage Chenille pumpkins!  Love! Love!
 These little cuties are crocheted, I think.  Definitely something that I'm not talented enough to make, but I sure do appreciate the work that goes into them!
 Wonderful velvet!
 I totally love a little sweater upcycle! 
 Every pumpkin collector needs a stacked, squatty one for their patch. 
As you can see, I found a ton of little fall treasures in the pumpkins at The Vintage Industry!  I could've spent days there browsing and taking pictures.  Stay tuned for more posts with more of the goodies I found.