Thursday, October 20, 2016

Crafting Inspirations - Post #2

Just some of the things that inspired me at The Vintage Industry in Eugene, OR.  You can see more of those pictures HERE.
 Don't ask why I was so fascinated with these mushrooms (I've got more pictures to come).  Maybe because our friend is looking for wood crafts to sell and this made me think of him.
 I love this blue with a hint of the old red underneath! 

 I NEED at least one of these potting benches around, don't you?
 A twist on the test tubes - a mop hang up was used to hang the tube this time!
 Why not use old kitchen tools for a floral display?
 Always love me a linen pillow.
 Banners and Pennants always have a special place in my heart!
 There was nothing really special about this little table, except that knob sure makes a huge impact!
 I spotted one of these on Amy Roloff's front door one day on the "Little People, Big World" episode.  I even backed up and had to watch it again to really get a glimpse of this!  Then, here they were - not too far from where the Roloff Farm is located!
This candy corn string, I want to make in the worst way!  Probably won't make it for this fall, BUT someday...