Saturday, December 3, 2016

Top 5 Gifts for the Piano Student

As a piano teacher, I thought I'd put out there some of my top recommendations for great, yet practical and fun gifts for the piano student this holiday season! 

 1.  Piano

Maybe you weren't totally sold on your child playing piano, or maybe you got an instrument to get you thru the interim, until you find or can afford that better instrument, but what student wouldn't be ecstatic about receiving a better one for Christmas (or consider buying it for your family)?
Here's a great article that will get you started in  making the right decision: The Ins and Outs of Buying a Piano. 
If you're wanting to order a digital piano, here are two recommendations:

Be sure that you have a stand, pedal, and bench for use with the digital piano.

2.  Metronome

I love this one

    But this one is great too!

3.  New Music

Ok, so this one takes a little research.  Ask your piano teacher for suggestions on something that would be fun to get your student.  Or, you can get them a gift certificate for their favorite music publishing company.  I personally use mostly Piano Pronto music in my studio, so my students would love a gift certificate to pick out some of the sheet music! 

4.  Music Bag
Piano Students need a good bag to carry their piano books to and from lessons. This Cinch Sac is a favorite of mine!  You can personalize however you'd like for as little as $30! 

5. Music Drills or Practice App

Let's face it, kids love to play video games, why not have them playing educational ones?  Here's a couple of my favorite apps (check your App Store - most are for only Ipad):
Please, note that many of my links are affliliate links and I will get a small commission if you purchase from the link.  Thank you for your support!