Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Green Deep Cleaning: Day 13 - Walls

Today's chore for Green Deep Cleaning the Living Room is to wash all of the walls.  I know!  Frankly, this is not something I think about doing very often, but once you start, you realize how dirty the walls really are.  My warning for this is that after inspecting and cleaning the walls really closely, you may decide you want to put a new coat of paint on them.  At least, this is what happens to me!

What you will need to wash the walls:

How to clean the walls:

  • I start on one wall, and then methodically work my way around the room.
  • For each section of wall, take the pictures off the wall. Wipe them down.

  • Lock the Mop head into position and attach the dust pad (the yellow pad) to the mop. Wipe down the wall with the Mop (yes you saw that right!  This Mop works so well on the walls, I actually get excited to wash the walls!)
  • Next, replace the dust pad with a wet (with water only) mop pad.  The wet pad is the blue one. Wash the wall.
  • Be sure to get the baseboards clean while washing the walls.  Depending on the size of your baseboards, you may have to go back with the EnviroCloth and wipe them down, but I always try to get that Mop to work on them first! (I'm a lazy cleaner!)
  • Use the EnviroCloth to clean up any spots, stains or corners that the Mop misses.  (Not usually very many things, but just in case.)
That's it, make your way around the room washing all of the walls in the room!

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