Thursday, February 16, 2017

Green Deep Cleaning: Day 15 - Electronics

If you haven't noticed, in each room, we've been trying to move from top to bottom with our cleaning.  So in the living room, we've cleaned the Chairs & Couches, the Woodwork, the Walls, and Organized the shelves and Drawers.  Be sure to check out those articles if you haven't already.

Today, we are going to do a clean-up of all the electronics in the living room.

You will need:

What to clean today:

  • Start off by cleaning all of the screens in the living room with the Optic Cloth.  Using a cloth that is not approved for this job can scratch you screens!  The Optic Cloth is approved and works great at not only cleaning, but repelling future dust. Here's a list that I came up with:
    • Computers
    • Television
    • IPads & Tablets
    • Smart Phones
    • Small Gaming devices
  • Once the screen is cleaned, you'll want to go all the way around your electronic and dust off the backs and the cords with the Dust Mitt.  In fact, if you have two of those Dust Mitts, put one on each hand, so you can pick everything up and dust as you go.
  • As long as you're fussing with the chords, go ahead and coral all those cords.  I don't know why, but in our house, the cords need to be rebunched and tied up with zip ties.  You can get all sorts of fancy items to bunch your cords together, but I find that zip ties are not too expensive and readily available at your local hardware store or on Amazon.
    Zip Ties
  • Next, you will gather all of those chords and small electronic devices into one place.  I know eventually they get loose and go all over the house, but at least to have a place to put all of your devices in one place is a great start to keeping the clutter down.  Here's a look at my favorite electronic collector - the Double Duty Caddy that I found on Pinterest!  You can even personalize it to say "Cords & Charges".  I love that!

Ten years ago, I would have never dreamed that I would spend a day cleaning just the electronics in the living room, but seriously, electronics have taken over!  My living room is the gathering place for all things electronics, because the kids aren't allowed to have electronics in their bedrooms.