Tuesday, January 3, 2017

31 Days of Green Deep Cleaning: Day 3 - Ceilings and Windows

We've had a couple of rough days, tackling the oven and the refrigerator!  (Seriously not my favorites!)  Next we are going to move upward in the kitchen.  Don't forget to clean another set of cupboards today.  You can check out my how-to over here for that! 

Today our big Green Deep Clean is getting away from the appliances for a bit, and going to be cleaning up high and the windows!  Are you excited? I am.

Here's what you will need for today's cleaning:

I don't know why, but it seems like the spider webs get pretty crazy in the months of December and January.  Maybe they've just decided to settle in for the long winter months, I'm not really sure!  Of the cleaning and dishes that get done in the kitchen, I rarely dust or even think to get rid of the cobwebs.  Here's what we're going to do:
  • First start by taking down all the light fixtures.  I just wash these in the sink in Dishwashing Liquid
  • Before putting the fixtures all back, go around the entire room from one side to the other, top to bottom, with the Envirowand clearing all the dust and cobwebs out.
  • Use that Envirowand on the fan blades if you have one.  I love how you can shape this so it fits just perfect to your fan blades!

  • You'll want to use your Dusting Mitt for getting all the shelves, knick knacks, etc. in the kitchen.  The Dusting Mitt can be sprayed with a mist of water and used to pick up that dust that is sticky and greasy from cooking in the kitchen.
  • Move onto the windows in the kitchen.  Unfortunately, if you live in a cold weather climate, like I do, you can only do the inside windows. You want to wash each window with the Envirocloth and then dry it with the Window Cloth.  The great thing about using the Envirocloth to wash the windows, is that you can also wash out and of the window sill that needs it at the same time.
Here's my demo of how great the Envirocloth and Window Cloth work together.  Of course, if you order from my Website, I do earn a commission that helps my family out.