Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Green Deep Cleaning: Day 8 - Floors

This is the final day of Deep Cleaning the kitchen!  Whew!  Thanks for sticking it out! 

What we've deep cleaned in the kitchen so far:

For the final day in the kitchen, we're going to deep clean the floors.  Now, if you are like me, the floors get washed regularly (1-2 times per week for me).  I love to use my Superior Mop System for getting the kitchen clean.  Every time I use this Mop, I am so excited to use only water to get my floors clean!  No more chemicals that my children and pets can be harmed by.

I want to share a How-To Video.  I signed up to be a consultant so that I could get my Mop!  Let me know if you'd like more details.

What you'll need to green deep clean the kitchen floor:

  1. Superior Mop System
  2. Scrubby Corner Cloth
  3. Dusting Mitt or Envirowand
This Mop does a great job getting all the floors and baseboards clean (you can move the pad to one edge of the Velcro, and get a flap, that goes up all the baseboards to clean the baseboards, but to deep clean the floors today, here's what we're going to do just before a good mopping of the floor:
  1. Wipe down all of the tops of the baseboards.  I tend to do this with a slightly wet Dusting Mitt, wiped across the top of the baseboards.  You can use the Envirowand that is spritzed with water, so you don't have to clean on your hands and knees, but since the next item is going to require getting on the floor anyway, I prefer the hands on Dusting Mitt with a little water on it.
  2. Scrub that crack between the floor and the baseboards with the Scrubby Corner Cloth.  I used a butter knife inside the corner to clean that crack up really well.

3.  Scrub the corners really well, especially under the cabinets. (This is the worst in my kitchen, because all the corners have an unreachable corner.  No broom or mop can reach these little corners!)
4.  Finally - sweep and mop the entire floor!
That's it!  I know, on your knees for a lot of this cleaning job, but getting that deep cleaning done is so rewarding!