Thursday, January 26, 2017

Green Deep Cleaning - Day 9: Laundry

My laundry room is part of my bathroom, so I don't have a separate room to clean, but there are some basic messes that are needing regular deep cleaning regardless.  Like the kitchen, the appliances should be cleaned up first, so I will give here some ideas on how to get those appliances and area around them cleaned up.  Tomorrow, we will clean up the rest of the room.  Overall, I want the Deep Cleaning to happen, but not take an entire day. 

What you need to clean the washer and dryer:

I am going to start with cleaning the washer and dryer, as cleaning them will certainly create some extra lint in the rest of the room!

Washing Machine

  • If you are able, clean out all the traps internally.  My front loading washing machine, doesn't really invite you to do this, but we discovered this about 8 years ago, when our washing machine stopped working and we didn't want to pay for an appliance person to come check it.  Mr. Right took off the front panel, and found a trap (not mentioned in the instructions, or even specs of the machine!).  It simply screws off and can be emptied.  I get in there with my Envirocloth and really get out any mildew that has built up in there.
  • Next, using the Envirocloth, clean ever surface, inside and out of all lint and mildew. 
Take that drawer for the detergent out, wipe that down, AND clean that drawer cavity out too.  (You should remove this drawer every time you are finished washing and dump it out.  It has a habit of growing mold and mildew because it is always wet.)
Washer Detergent Drawer Removed

  • Run a cycle without clothes and fill the detergent cup with white vinegar.  This will work on that mildew internally.  Some people say that it will dry out the rubber components for your washing machine, but I've had my front loading machine for 10 years, and it's still working fine, with now notable damage.  Do this at your own risk.
  • Clean any shiny surfaces and windows on the washing machine with the Window Cloth.
  • I don't have the ability to get under my machine because it's up on a platform, but I take that Envirowand, spritz it with water and wipe under and behind the machine where I can't reach with my hands or Mop.
  • Pull machine out from the wall, and use the Superior Mop System to clean the wall and floor behind the machine.


  • Mr. Right was forced to take off the panels off the dryer recently, because we burned up an electrical panel, but this offered a great opportunity to clean it all out.  Mr. Right prefers to clean motors and electricals off with blowing air, instead of vacuum power.  Our Vacuum, has the ability to do this , so that's what Mr. Right did, blow out the internals of the dryer.  Warning: This makes a huge mess!!!  Close the door and be prepared for a big blowout!
    Dryer with Front panel off and cleaned by Mr. Right!
  • The Envirowand can be bent to clean out the dryer vent!  If things are stuck on, you can even spritz it with water to get those hard to clean places. This is so awesome!  I love it!
  • While that Envirowand is in your hand, go ahead and get all those places that you are unable to reach move the dryer away from.
  • Take the Envirocloth to every surface you can reach and wipe it down with just water.  Don't forget the inside of the dryer as well!  I find stickers and things in there sometimes, you just never know!
  • For shiny places and windows, use the Window Cloth to make them shine again.

Stay tuned for the rest of the laundry room on Day 9!