Thursday, January 5, 2017

Green Deep Cleaning: Day 5 - Cupboards & Pantry

Today, we're going to finish up the rest of the cupboards and pantry in the kitchen.  (Don't worry about the pantry, that will be tomorrow!) Hopefully, you've got this down, and have made a dent in cleaning out the cupboards.  You can go to my description on Day 1 to see how I go about cleaning out the cupboards.

 I do some purging while I'm cleaning it out as well. Take out anything that is old, or not used very often and get rid of it.

I have put together some organizing inspiration in a Google Album.  I'm not going to lie, here are a couple of my dream pantries!  I just love everything to have a place and a box.

Of course, to try to help my family make ends meet, I am an Independent Thirty-One Consultant, so if you want to start having your pantry look this great, I would greatly appreciate your support.  Please contact me directly through the website if you need my personal assistance.