Wednesday, September 5, 2012

31 Days Announcement

Participating in the "31 Days" last year was both challenging and fun!  It stretched me in so many ways not only as a blogger, but as a person.  To write a post every day for 31 days straight on the same subject, really was hard for me.  With five kids at home, homeschooling, and all the chaos that comes with that, to take time out each day to not only blog about something, but to actually make a new craft each day for a Christmas gift, and photograph it - was a huge challenge for me.  But in the end, I felt like I really had accomplished something (and not just all my Christmas gifts, either!).

When I saw that the Nesting Place was again having the "31 Day" Challenge, my wheels started to churn.  Selfishly, I really wanted to do 31 Days of Simplifying or 31 Days of Getting Rid of all my Junk series.  But of course, after perusing the over 700 links from last year, I realized that I was not alone in my thoughts of getting my closets and garage cleaned out (did I mention that I haven't unpacked everything yet?)

My gut was telling me to do a very different series of posts!  Of course, in my eyes (and thoughts) this topic was the most risky!  It was the one that will drive me (and Mr. Right) closest to insanity in doing it.  But, in truth, it's the one that I most recently, couldn't find all the information in the same place for.  So, drum roll please.......I am going to do 31 Days Until a Craft Show!  Here's the logo for it:
Cute, huh?  For this series, I am going to try to present all the information that I find and know about getting ready for a Craft Show in one month, the month of October.  I've found a ton of information out there, pieces of it anyway, but nothing really is a guide on how to get ready from start to finish.  Along the way, I am going to share what I am doing to get myself ready.  I want to share all the frustrations and the joys of getting my act together and to a craft show.

So there it is, I've committed.  Please consider joining me in October for this exciting trek that I am going to make.  I think this is going to be an exciting and informative journey!

If you'd like to check out my 31 Days posts from last year, you can still see it on my old blog here: 31 Days of Handmade Christmas Gifts.