Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paint Chip Bookmark - MOPS Craft

Today is the day - we kick off the beginning of a new MOPS group in Grangeville, ID!  I am so excited, and of course nervous and busy!  One of the things that you don't realize about starting up a group is how much work goes into that first meeting!

I love the craft projects, so it just wouldn't be the same without a craft project to kick the year off.  This first time, I wanted to do a somewhat practical, but easy and fun.  Oh, yeah, and did I mention that we have a $0 budget to work with? I decided to make bookmarks out of paint chip samples.  Sadly, I was willing to go get a whole stack of blue paint chips from the hardware store, for free, just to make a craft!

I think it turned out really cute.  I will describe here what I did - I didn't think that I needed to take pictures of all the steps, since this one is pretty easy.
  1. Trim the Paint Chip Sample to the length that you like.  In this case, I cut off two sections with the 7-inch Trimmer.
  2. Use the Corner Rounder to trim the top two corners to look like the original paint chip corners.  
  3. Hole punch a hole in the top of the paint chip.
  4. Use Shell Stamps and black ink to stamp randomly and over the edges of the paint chip.  Be sure to put a scrap piece of paper under during this step.  My good friend DeAnn Rauzi over at Stampin' On The Camas Prairie allowed us to use her Stampin' Up stamps and stamp pads.
  5. Cut a piece of twine or jute to put through the hole.   Again, no measuring here, just whatever length you want.
  6. Stick a 2"x4" label on the back with the dates of MOPS printed on it.

I used blue paint chips, shell stamps and jute to go with the beach theme for the MOPS 2012 Plunge theme. This gives all the ladies a handy schedule for the year, too!  This craft was almost free - I only had to purchase the 2"x4" labels.  Please let me know what you think!  I love to hear all your great love!