Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Beach Ball Get-To-Know-You Activity

With a theme of the beach for our new MOPS year, I wanted to kick off our year with a beach themed Get-To-Know-You Ice Breaker Activity.  It's a nice non-threatening way to get to know each other in a group setting. I've done this activity before with teenagers in 4-H, so this can be fun for any age or group. This activity is simple to easy to put together.Place simple questions about themselves, on labels and put them in each section of a beach ball.  The idea is for everyone to stand in a circle.  Toss the ball around the room to someone new and where they catch the ball, that's the question that person answers.  I usually clarify that they answer the question in the section under their right pointer finger.  

Different topics and questions that I included are:
  • Favorite Animal
  • Best School Subject
  • Favorite Game
  • Talent 
  • Favorite food
  • Best movie
  • Favorite Song
  • Last Book I read
  • If I had a spare 30 minutes I would______
  • Ideal Vacation
These are just a few that you could use.  I have also used this in a therapy session, too.  You could have deeper questions to answer to stimulate conversation.  You could also use this for scout groups, youth groups, marriage retreats, etc.

I hope that this helps plan your next meeting or group setting.  Please share if you find this helpful!