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Bow Garland DIY

 I was inspired to make this bow garland! I think it turned out so beautifully!  It’s a little bit farmhouse and homespun mixed together!  I’m so excited, I made a free DIY video for those that sign up for my free email newsletter. Let me know if you are interested in the seeing the video.
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Trash to Treasure - Farmers’ Market

 This project was multi steps to complete! The frame and the picture both needed some work! I’ve been trying the watercolor technique more lately - I don’t feel comfortable with it.  I do feel like this one turned out pretty gorgeous.  The corn even looks 3D!  My husband was convinced that I must have put the pumpkin on first, but it was last, because the wheat and corn needed something in the middle! This picture and frame I got at our local thrift store.  It was $3 and had a sister frame as well.  It seems to be a homemade frame and hand painted, but I’m not so certain.  Unfortunately, it has seen better days, so it’s a great candidate for this makeover!   Here’s the  DIY Video of this Redo! I think this one turned out so cute.  Stay tuned for the sister frame from this thrift store find! By the way, I have added my finished goods that are for sale up to this page, let me know if you are interested in something you’ve seen me make. Finished Goods Shop

Online Embroidery Class

Class Registration & Details These new kits are so much fun!  I used to embroider in high school and in college!  It’s been a very long time, since I’ve embroidered.  I won’t say how long! 😂.  Needless to say, the directions that come with the kit, combined with the video that you can access with the kit make this kit so doable for all levels, even beginners.  I’m also putting together some video instructions for each of the stitches, which will be available to anyone that purchases one of the kits from my website:  DIY Kits Here’s how far my  kit has come long.  The most exciting part of these projects are, that you can use any of our transfers to create your own embroidery projects.  The sky is really the limit!  Just ink your favorite fabric, and add your own embellishments with embroidery!  Here are the 3 kits that are available! I had to get all 3 of them to try, of course.  I will say, that the floral one has a lot more stitching.  Doable for a Beginner, but I recommend the

Bistro Cafe Kitchen Decor

Heres the live of this  project!   Remember my  Patriotic Arch . I’m getting on the changeover quickly this round!  I used the same arch, which has a black and a white reusable surface! I also used a Retired metallic paste and the new Bistro Cafe transfer which just launched.  Would you like to check out the new fall launch?  Support my small business here:

2024 Patriotic Craft Projects in Review

  I won’t lie- 4th of July decor are some of my favorites to make! There’s just something heartwarming about creating American themed decor!  Take a look! What’s your favorite this year? 

Thrift Store Old Glory

Here’s the live DIY of this project's  This thrift sale find for only $3 was calling my name to be turned into an old flag! When we came out with Dixie Bell Sea Spray, I just had to try it!  Here’s the before- I’m not sure if it was a trivet, but it was in great condition. I did have to sand it down a little. I just love how the  Dixie Bell Sea Spray made it look like old barn wood!  If you’d like the supplies, be sure to message or comment!   

Repurpose Old Muck Boots for the garden

There is really nothing better than a good use for something that was headed to the trash!  Recently, we went though our boots to check for any that weren’t working or fitting.  Two pairs had holes and couldn’t be used, so I saved them from their demise!  Aren’t these floral boots adorable on the front steps?  The other pair I have are black, so I have different plans for those!   I added some extra sedums that are overtaking my flower beds to turn these trash to treasures! I’d love to hear what you think?  This was so satisfying to put together a little decoration.