Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Preschool Piano Camp

Last week I put together a Preschool Piano camp.  I thought I'd try to put together a video on how I did it and what curriculum I used to for it.  Please take the time to watch my video and subscribe and comment for me!
Here are the links for the things that I mentioned.  The Amazon items I get a very small amount affiliate for.  Thanks in advance for supporting my family! - support my small business - Busy Bees Finger Puppets (affiliate link AL) - Poker Chips (AL) - Egg Shakers (AL) - KiddyKeys Lesson Plans

Thank you for watching. 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Sidewalk Improvements

The new-found front walk has been slowly but surely getting updates.  You can check out our great find HERE. Like most of our house projects these days, we often are doing the project that seems the most urgent at the present time.  Sometimes it’s purely out of necessity - like when we found a leak in the plumbing under the house.  Other times it's because we find a great deal on a new item for the house.

Mr. Right and I were able to get away for two nights for our anniversary this year, and we went shopping.  We really wanted to go rummage saling, but we couldn’t find much for sales.  We moved on to the thrift stores and then  to Walmart.  At Walmart, we had to go through all of the plants. Mr. Right found some beautiful Heather plants.  He had a vision of lining our walk with 10 of the heather plants, and the price was right at $7 a pot!

When we got home, we dug out the side of the new path to line the walk with the heather plants.

Eventually, the heathers will get to be a little over a foot and a half tall and wide, so they should fill in that garden section.  Also, they are evergreen and will resist and salt from the winter snows.  (Not that we use much) We plan to add mulch, but still have another bed to cut out yet that will need mulch as well.
While we were away on our anniversary, we found a gentleman that was selling Irises from his yard for $5 a plant. He had hundreds of different kinds to choose from, and was in the process of moving them all to a new property.  We've been trying to find our favorite iris that smells like grape jelly.  We didn't know the name, but he had it and knew the name: Southland Grape!  Of course we bought it, and planted it on the other side the sidewalk, so we can enjoy the smell up by our house!
We can't wait for all of our new gardens to really fill out and bloom.  Stay posted for more updates soon!