Sunday, October 21, 2018

A Plum Busy Fall

My life has been pretty scrappy lately!  Harvest time brought us many different options and new projects to work on!  We were overloaded with plums off an old plum tree on the edge of our property, so since they were very ripe, that was one of my first projects.

I went back to my trusty Fruit board on Pinterest for a favorite Plum Breakfast Bar recipe with my plums first.  Be sure to follow me on Pinterest at Prairie Scraps!
My kids ate these bars every day for a month and a half!!  Such a great thing to have on hand!

In the past, I made jam with my plums, and very quickly my family revolted because the peelings had a weird texture, leaving me with 20+ jars of unwanted jam.  In more recent years, I made jelly, so the peelings weren’t a problem, but it was still not a favorite flavor in my pantry.  This year I thought I’d try a few new things, so to the Pinterest world I went!

This plum butter has a wonder taste and texture because I chopped it in my Ninja before canning it!  

Next, I made Plum Butter!!  So many plums!!!

Finally, I finished up as many plum Items as I could and gave the rest of my plums away.  I highly recommend this option of sharing a harvest sooner!  It brings joy to the giver and to the receiver, and spares a lot of work!!! Lol
There you have it, my three different options for plums and even some vidoeos about them!  Please let me know what you do with an over abundance of plums!  I’d love to hear what you’d o!