Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Cards

We have been busy making more cards.  Our last set we sold at the library to raise funds for my daughter's 4-H trip to Japan.  It's starting to feel like everything we are doing is fundraising for her trip, but what an opportunity.  Most of the cards have a watercolor technique.  I've been meaning to try this on my own (I go to a card class where we do it often), but I've never gotten around to it.  I think they turned out great!

The final cards with the moose, is done with masking tape.  I really love how they turned out.
What do you think? Do you make your own cards?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

McAllister Hike - A Family Affair

One of the great things about living on the Prairie, is that we also are very close to the rivers and the mountains. We often forget to take advantage of the great outdoors in our busy lives.  It's important to us to remember why we moved here, and that is to enjoy the great outdoors and the beauty that mountains provide.

We hit the 50's yesterday, so we decided to take on one of the local hiking trails. We too a hike on McAllister Trail just off the Southfork River. 

We loaded each of the kids with their own snack bag, as well as an emergency kit.  We've had a lot to learn about hiking in the great outdoors here.  You can easily find yourself in a dangerous situation, so it is important to bring emergency supplies with, just in case.  One of our first hikes, we put it all in one backpack, but then found that person was exhausted by the end.  Now we have learned, and each person takes their own drink and snacks, and then a little extra supplies for emergencies.  This way, no one person is over exhausted.
This trail had a lot of switchbacks, so we would see the kids going back and forth up the mountain.
It is such a reward to make it up to the top!  To see the view of the mountain ranges on all sides!
This flat field at the top looked like is it well-liked by the elk.  The kids and Mr. Right are plotting and planning their hunting season around this spot.  I think they might need to keep practicing their hiking, so that they can make this trip with their equipment and with meat on the way down!  Overall, this trip was just about 2 miles both ways and up about 900 feet in elevation.  What a beautiful day to enjoy family! 

What sort of things do you do with your family?